Data-driven investing in emerging markets

We play a catalytic role in financing tech-enabled companies in emerging markets. Our financing approach delivers competitive returns, and measurable impact for global investors.

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Data-driven due diligence with Smart Asset Financing™
We use data to drive our investment decisions, and assess the health of our portfolio. Since 2021 we have captured over 7 million data points in real time from the over 33,000 assets we’ve financed.
How Smart Asset Financing™ works
We finance . . .
. . . revenue-generating assets deployed through our portfolio companies for entrepreneurs in emerging markets.
We track . . .
. . . each asset's usage and the revenue it generates using IoT technology while collecting the data for insights into the health of the business.
We pay . . .
. . . our investors healthy returns, and provide data on underlying asset revenue streams, and the impact of their investment.
We collect . . .
. . . a share of each asset's revenues to repay the financing - the more the entrepreneur makes, the higher the yield on our financing.

Our track record


Capital deployed


Revenue collected


IRR on capital deployed


Assets financed

Numbers since inception in 2021 through end of April 2024.

Measurable impact
Our data-driven approach offers investors unprecedented transparency, and access to impact data in sectors such as e-mobility, healthcare, and clean energy.
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Earn up to 14% APY
We deliver competitive returns for institutional and individual investors.
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Invest in a diversified portfolio of companies in emerging markets

Data-driven investing in emerging markets