Our Smart Asset Financing™ model tracks our portfolio’s performance to provide clarity on your investment in real time.

We finance next-generation devices called Smart Assets that generate data about their use and revenue. This data drives our financial decisions.
our technology

We don’t simply finance productive assets. We make sure both investors and high-growth businesses win.

Mopeds and cars are used for taxi service and for delivery

Last mile LPG delivery boosts the diffusion of sustainable energy

Card readers help merchants to better manage payments

Our proprietary revenue-share model allows us to absorb some of the risk in any investment, allowing investors and high-growth businesses to operate without the burden of variable returns or rigid monthly payments.

This data allows us to…

Scale at the right time

We start with a limited pilot. The data we collect tells us how well the business is doing. If it demonstrates potential for strong growth, we’ll invest more.

Build actionable market insights

Through our data feeds, we track the sales and usage of our assets, and measure the impacts of external shocks such as fluctuations in oil prices and exchange rates.

Deliver 360° transparency

Our Smart Asset Financing technology shows you both the total Economic Value generated by your investment as well as overall asset performance. Watch your impact grow and invest with confidence.

Real questions from real investors

Why revenue-share?

Our investment model works on a revenue-share basis, not fixed interest. This means that as the businesses we invest in make money, we make money - but the entrepreneurs are not burdened by inflexible, fixed monthly payments.

Read more about why this works best for everyone involved - the entrepreneur, Untapped, and you! - here

Do I have to be an Accredited Investor from the United States to invest with Untapped?

Currently, our online platform works with US bank accounts and for customers who meet the criteria for Accredited Investors. In the near future, the platform will allow retail investors anywhere to invest with Untapped, and directly finance SMEs in some of the world's fastest growing economies. Stay tuned for that - but in the meantime, feel free to reach out to our advisor team and we will try to find a solution for your specific needs.

What kind of companies do you invest in?

We focus on asset-heavy companies in emerging markets that focus on electric mobility, water distribution, agriculture, and sustainable energy. We also have an equity fund for seed-stage companies in countries across Africa and Latin America, and a growth-stage fund that supports South African companies that are ready to expand globally.

What kind of returns can I expect, and how long do I have to wait before I can withdraw my money?

Untapped offers investment notes with tenors of 12 to 36 months in length, paying a fixed annual yield of 6-14% with optional quarterly payouts.

Why are you focused on Africa and other emerging markets?

By investing in the most dynamic, viable, and scalable businesses across emerging markets like Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, we ensure that working capital and resources reach those with the local knowledge to drive real change on the ground.

Read more from our founder, Jim, about the $5.2T financing gap in emerging markets [here].

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