We're reshaping profitable investing in emerging markets

We build innovative solutions to make investing in emerging markets easy, safe, and profitable.

Our mission
We create shared prosperity by unlocking economic opportunity where it’s needed most.
Our vision
To connect more global investors and capital to opportunities in emerging markets around the world.

Our history

The 'Aha!' moment

After spending several years volunteering in Haiti, our Founder, Jim Chu, recognized the need for sustainable change and launched dloHaiti, a water distribution network led by local Haitian entrepreneurs. While growing dloHaiti, he discovered that the financing needed to scale the business was difficult to find or, in most cases, did not exist because of where the business was operating.

The 'Aha!' moment


Untapped Global is founded

Untapped Global is launched to put revenue-generating assets in the hands of entrepreneurs who don't fit the traditional venture capital model and don't have access to loans or grants. We deploy Smart Asset Financing™ for the first time, focusing on water assets in Kenya.

Untapped Global
is founded


Scaling Smart Asset Financing™

We develop our data platform to provide real-time underwriting of our deals, de-risk our investments, and measure our social impact as we scale Smart Asset Financing™ to include different asset types, industries, and geographies.

Scaling Smart
Asset Financing™


Launching our investment and data platforms

We launch our online investment platform and data platform to make investing in emerging markets easy, safe, and accessible for global investors.

Launching our investment and data platforms


18k+ assets financed with $11.1M AUM

We cross 18,000 assets financed across over a dozen countries with $11.1M AUM and close a seed round to continue scaling our Smart Asset Financing™ model and data platform.

18k+ assets financed with $11.1M AUM


Our team

We are a globally-minded team with a local presence across Africa, Europe, and North America.

Management team

Investment team

Our board and advisors

Our core values
Our values are not just a list of ideals to strive to - but a roadmap for how we operate.
We are constantly innovating to create new opportunities for our partners and investors.
Show me the data
We always consider the quantitative and qualitative data, and the evidence it provides to drive our decisions.
Equitable impact
We constantly work to create better economic opportunities for the entrepreneurs we work with and the investors who trust us.

Data-driven investing in emerging markets